How to Please a Brokenhearted Woman

Women are a lot harder to please when they’re nursing a broken heart. They’re still recovering from the sadness and pain of a breakup that you will find it very challenging to even make them smile. The good news is you can still please them no matter how down they are at the moment. Here are some things to bear in mind before you go all out in pleasing a woman suffering from a broken heart:

How to please a Brokenhearted Woman

Make the woman smile

Take things slow

Bear in mind that she just broke up with another man. The last that she needs right now is another man telling her of his love. If you’re really serious about pleasing her and winning her heart, you have to take it one step at a time. Allow her ample time to get over the other guy and start fresh again.

Don’t be too eager

It is good news that she’s broken up with another guy, this means you stand a chance. However, don’t be too eager to please her. She may still need time to recover and won’t be entertaining suitors for a while. Just wait for the right moment before making any move.

Get to know her more

You can make your first move by befriending the woman and knowing her more. Find out what she’s like and what kind of men she prefers. Knowing these tidbits of information can be useful once you start your move on pleasing her.

Brokenhearted women are very sensitive which is why they won’t be easily pleased. Give them more time to open their heart once again and while doing so, get to know her better.

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