How To Get Laid

How to get laid with a British GirlFinally, you have met your hot woman on a hookup site and you are interesting in meeting her in person. You have followed all of our hookup advice and she can’t wait to see you, but you need to know how to set up this meeting. There are several ways that you can approach this, and the easiest way is to follow all of our final pieces of advice. We tried every way possible to meet women and we know the locations that scream hook ups.

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Where should you meet?

This is casual sex so there is no need for you to take the woman you want to hook up with on a date. That’s way too much work, and you know she already wants to have sex with you because you both met on one the British dating websites for hookups. There are some great places to meet.

  • Bars
  • Hotel restaurants/lounges
  • Coffee
  • Public Park

These locations are all very casual places where you don’t even have to buy her anything. The main goal when picking a hook up meeting place is to make everyone safe. If a woman feels threatened she isn’t going to meet you at all, it needs to be in public and well lit. If you are meeting at night you need to meet her inside somewhere.

The final things you need to do to get her home with you

When you get your lady to bar you need to make sure not to act like a jerk. You have to be the strong and confident man that messaged her. Look your hook up lady in the eyes, talk to her, and make her feel comfortable. If she orders a drink, you should too, but you shouldn’t get sloppy drunk if she isn’t. The art of hooking up is pretty much done when she walks through the door, she agreed to meet you. That means you don’t have to worry about whether she is interested or not, because she already is there.

The main thing that you have to do is close the deal and get her home with you. You have met face to face, and she looks exactly like you thought. If she is smiling and looking at you, and it’s been an hour then it’s time to leave. You met you have hot sex, not sit and talk all night. Don’t turn your hook up meeting into a date, you need to meet her and go. The end result is getting you into a bed. As long as you keep this in mind your meeting won’t turn into a date, and you will end up with hot hook up sex.