How To Write the First Message

Get a response from your emails

How to write the first messageWhen you are writing a hookup dating email there are several things you can do to facilitate a response. The first thing that really annoys women is sending a copy/paste message to the profiles you are interested in. These sexy ladies can tell when you haven’t looked at their profile and have just sent along a message you have sent to a million other girls. Look over their hook up profile and make sure that you include something from their profile. It shows that you actually looked at what these ladies had to say, and will impress them.

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The first email on a hookup dating site is important and sets the tone for the rest of your hook up communication. This is why you need to have a plan before you randomly email these women. If you come on too strong you can turn them off, but if you aren’t catchy enough they will overlook you. This is really a fine line that you have to walk, and luckily we have tested numerous greetings. We literally sent over fifty separate greetings on hookup websites and we now know which greetings are the best to use.

How important is your first line in an email?

When you choose what to say on a hookup dating site email you need to make sure to pay attention to the greeting. Yes, the body of your email is important but your greeting can instantly turn someone off. All you have to do is follow our proven greetings and you will definitely get the response that you crave.

  • Start out with a simple hello and ditch the: hey baby, hot lips, sexy etc.
  • Say their name if they use it on their profile
  • Say more than a sentence
  • Compliment one of their features

These are all things that should be done in the first line of a hook up email. There is some more information that you should add into your message but you have to make sure that you keep them reading. By being a normal man, and saying something nice, you will portray a smooth and confident man. There isn’t one woman in the world that won’t want to meet you.

What should I include in the body of my message?

Well, this can be kind of tricky for someone that isn’t used to sending hook up emails. Hooking up with someone isn’t trying to date them and you can scare girls off if you come on too serious. You need to be the casual fun guy, the guy that they want to go meet for hot sex. To keep up this appearance you need to keep a breezy style to your message. You don’t want to get too personal, just say one of our approved greetings, and include a few sentences about your interests. This is easy if you have something in common, but if you don’t have anything in common these email hookup tips will help you out.

  • Talk about grabbing a drink, anything more than that is a date and frowned upon
  • Don’t seem pushy or overly aggressive, women want to feel safe meeting you
  • Sound like yourself, don’t try to use big words that you don’t even know the meaning of, women can see through that when they read your additional responses
  • Sound like fun, talk about how social you are, and how beautiful you think she is. You want to be the opposite of commitment and pressure.

These are a few of the pieces of our hookup advices for meeting hot ladies to get laid. Don’t worry about saying the wrong thing, or not getting a response the first time, there is a huge sea of horny women looking to meet up with you. The best emails that you can send are the ones that catch a woman’s attention. You also have to understand that you might not be what woman is looking for in a hook up, so that is her loss. Eventually, when you use these tools you will message a woman that can’t help but message you back.

The subjects you never want to talk about in a hookup email

Just like there are guidelines to help you hook up with sexy women, there are things that you can include in an email that will never get you anywhere. If you avoid talking about these few things, you will definitely be a step closer to hot times with a sexy woman.

  • Spell things the right way (if you sound like an idiot you’ll turn her off)
  • Politics and other serious subjects
  • Your job unless you have a nice uniform to role play with
  • Illegal substances

You’re looking to hook up with a hot woman not marry her. There is no reason that you have to know anything about each other. The only thing that you need to make sure of is that she is interested in meeting you and wants to have sex with you. The best way to do this is talk about casual things. However, if you do have fetishes that you want to participate in, then you should definitely talk about those. Nothing is worse than hooking up with someone that doesn’t share all of your sexual interests.