Be2 Review: Is Be2 a Scam Or a Legit Site?

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On November 21, 2012
Last modified:January 14, 2013


We DO NOT TRUST this hookup site - Please be careful if you are using

This site looked like it was full of hot single ladies that were looking to hook up, and this seemed like an interesting site to try. After a few searches, it was definitely clear that you had to buy a membership to even message anyone, which was annoying. Then you start to message these hot ladies to find that most of them don’t respond. Then you see that the women that do respond don’t want to meet you, they are more interested in scamming you for money. This shows you that there are no real women on there. This is now annoying because you have spent money to exclusively talk with British women.

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Another annoying part of this hook up site is the interface. It isn’t super easy to follow and it is possible to miss messages. When you are trying to find real people this can be frustrating. It is also pretty bad that most of these women are complete con artists, or they could really be men behind their computer screens. There wasn’t one woman that messaged back looking to just meet up. They were all interested in trying to have us send gifts to them, or fly them to our country. Their location says that they are here, but then they say they are somewhere else. This is really frustrating, and depressing if you are looking to meet up with London singles.

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Our Final Review

After spending time on this site it is painstakingly clear that there are no real women to be found. All that you can do is spend money to talk to more women that don’t really exist. With the amount of hook up sites online, you should really pick a different one if you are interested in meeting women. This site is a total scam and is a complete rip off.

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