BritishHookups Review: Is BritishHookups a Scam Or a Legit Site?

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BritishHookups Reviewer

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On November 21, 2012
Last modified:January 14, 2013


We DO NOT TRUST this hookup site - Please be careful if you are using

There are so many hook up sites available, and is one of them. This site is no different from the other sites advertising many hot women that are looking to meet you. This just isn’t the case. When we tried this site out, there were hardly any real women to choose from, and the hot British women either didn’t respond to us, or asked us for money. It’s almost impossible to hook up with sexy singles on this site. When looking through all the women we barely found anyone, and then they wouldn’t even meet up. This site was a huge tease that wasted our time.

BritishHookups positive & negative feedback

You can buy a membership on the site, and they really pressure you to do so. You can hardly message anyone without a membership so it seems like a good idea. We found that through a membership that we didn’t meet anymore real women from UK. This just frustrated us further, now we were wasting time and money. There are many hook up sites that you can find online, and these are much better than

BritishHookups Free Trial
We DON’T TRUST BritishHookups – Our users didn’t have fun on this bad hookup site. Follow this link: Top Hookup Sites you will find the BEST hookup sites in UK

Our Final Review

We weren’t impressed with this site, there were no real women. All we ended up doing was wasting our money and messaged girls that didn’t respond. The few people that looked like they wanted to meet never made plans, so we really didn’t get anything out of this site. Our recommendation is that you use any other site compared to this one, because this British hookup website is a rip off.

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