FuckBuddiesUK Review: Is FuckBuddiesUK a Scam Or a Legit Site?

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FuckBuddiesUK Reviewer

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On November 21, 2012
Last modified:January 15, 2013


We DO NOT TRUST this hookup site - Please be careful if you are using FuckBuddiesUK.com

When we tried this hookup site we picked it because of all the hot women that we saw on the pages. We couldn’t be more disappointed when we got on the inside. All of the profiles were fake profiles and the women that were real weren’t interested in hooking up. These women were more interested in talking and not meeting anywhere. This was a real pain when the whole reason people join this site is to hook up with each other. At the end of our experience we hardly got any responses, and none of these women were real. FuckBuddiesUK positive & negative feedback

We were also disappointed with the amount of money it costs to be on the site. Sure you can have a free membership but you won’t be able to message anyone. What good is this, when you are actually looking to hook up with someone? There are so many people online that are looking to hook up for fun, and none of them are on this site. We really wasted a lot of time trying to find real women, let alone someone that was interested in meeting up in person.

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We DON’T TRUST FuckBuddiesUK – Our users didn’t have fun on this bad hookup site. Follow this link: Top Hookup Sites you will find the BEST hookup sites in UK

Our Final Review

At the end of the time we spent on this site we couldn’t find anything that we liked. We bought the membership, got no extra perks, and didn’t hook up with any hot ladies. We recommend that you look on other sites if you are actually interested in hooking up with someone from London.

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